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About Templetree Leisure

Ambient. Earthy. Serene. Welcoming.


Earthy in appeal and wonderfully ambient, Templetree Leisure is the coming together of many worlds.
Perfectly blending modern comforts and technology within a rustic setting, our venue is at its best when hosting medium and large-sized events with the number of guests ranging from a hundred or more to around a thousand.

Drawing on the requirements of a completely private, exclusive and eco-friendly venue, we have focused on just this and more. Amounting to roughly around 1,00,000 sq.ft. of prime property, Templetree Leisure is serene as much as it is welcoming.

Thatched roofs, open structures, natural light flowing in, recyclable materials, peerless hospitality, a central location, an eye for detail, ample parking spaces and harnessed energy make Templetree Leisure a one-of-a-kind event destination.

In many ways, what we had in mind with the whole idea was what we executed into a flawless reality and standing as testaments to the claim we have our air-conditioned dining hall, semi-open dining hall and bar & lounge area – all fitted into a dreamy tropical backdrop.

As an event and hospitality venue, we place a lot of emphasis on client conveniences which is why we have a strict one-event-at-a-time policy, while also including the option of booking our venue in its entirety or via a combination of spaces depending on requirements to be met.

To nutshell the property and its charms: be it an idyllic wedding, a corporate event, formal parties, a concert, a social do or an art extravaganza, we make all of this pleasantly possible at Templetree Leisure.

After all, we are where memories are made…

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